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Real Estate

Purchases, Sales Refinances

If you are buying, selling or refinancing your home, you will need the assistance of a Notary or Lawyer to prepare and register the conveyancing documents on your behalf. As your Notary, we will be involved in transferring the legal title to the new owner and handle the exchange of funds between the legal representatives. We are dedicated to making the legal process as effortless as possible, ensuring your transaction is completed with accuracy and efficiency. 

Title Transfers and Family Transfers

There are multiple different situations whereby someone may be added to or removed from title for various reasons. We have outlined below some of the common transfers of titles we frequently prepare:

  1. Adding or Removing someone from title

  2. Removal of an individual due to Separation or Divorce

  3. Transferring property to the surviving joint tenant

  4. Transferring property into the name of the executor

  5. Transferring property into the name of the beneficiary

Mobile Home Transfers and Personal Property Security Interests

We prepare all necessary transfer documents for your mobile home purchase or sale. As your Notary, we will be involved in transferring the legal title with the mobile home registry and can register or discharge personal property security interests and chattels mortgages.

Recreational Property

Are you buying or selling recreational property? Our office is experienced in helping you withyou’re your real estate requirements relating to purchases and sales in recreational properties, RV Sites, co-op shares and subleases.


A covenant is a non-financial charge that is registered on title to your property. It is usually a restriction on the use of the property. Covenants can range in scope varying from ensuring development is made in accordance to certain terms and conditions such as restrictions on the number of homes that can be built on one property or restrictions on the building of the exterior of your home, to environmental protection such as protecting wetlands and habitat preservation. Covenants can even be placed on properties to ensure that obligations are placed on current and future property owners through wildfire and floodplain covenants. Just a few of the common covenants we have prepared include: Temporary Residential Use (TRU) Covenants, Garden Suite Covenants, Secondary Suites Covenants, Parking Covenants, Easements, Floodplain Covenants, Geotechnical Escarpment Covenants, Habitat Protection Covenants, Sump Pump Covenants, Fire Covenants, Storm Water Pump Covenants, Wastewater/Sewage Pump Covenants and Riparian Area Regulation RAR Covenants. 

Title Changes and Change of Name on Title

If you own property and since purchasing your property you have married, divorced, or legally changed your name, we can update your new name on title with Land Title Office. Further, if there is a requested address change or correction that is needed on title, we can assist in updating title with your most recent information. 

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